Without a doubt this Christmas season will be - and this is putting it kindly - one of the most unusual that we've ever seen. With COVID 19 numbers on the rise in many spots across the country and more and more state and local leaders imposing restrictions on people and businesses, shopping for loved ones during the holidays and supporting local businesses may be more difficult than ever.

So, with Christmas barely a month away and the shopping season about to kick off with Black Friday sales, personal finance website, WalletHub, has taken a close-up look at how Americans plan to spend their holiday dollars in 2020.

WalletHub's first finding in their Coronavirus and Holiday Shopping Survey is perhaps its most shocking. One out of three Americans plan to completely forego Christmas gift shopping because of the pandemic. But, on the brighter side, nearly half of shoppers - 45% - plan to begin their shopping earlier than usual.

What other surprising news is in the WalletHub survey? Well, how about the discovery that a quarter (23% to be precise) of Christmas gift-givers plan to give masks as gifts? And are you surprised to learn that 60% of those surveyed say they'll pay cash for their Christmas purchases, 41 million Americans admit that they still have credit card debt from last year.

And what would Americans pay extra for this Christmas? Two responses overwhelmed all the others. First - and certainly not surprisingly - people would go above and beyond for a Coronavirus vaccine. And the second most popular answer? Peace and quiet.

To take a complete look at WalletHub's Coronavirus and Holiday Shopping survey, including answers to a number of questions including plans for local versus online shopping, JUST CLICK HERE!

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