If you see a post online about "cancel culture" coming for a movie or TV show, you really should do some follow up. Often these stories are just the projection of the author on why they think we shouldn't be allowed to watch something. This also cuts both ways across the American political spectrum.

Though in today's online world, many believe that its liberal critics online that are the ones who want to "cancel" things. The term "woke" often gets used to define this groupthink. But the "woke" movement isn't the origin story of "cancel culture". Even though there are examples dotted all across history, in more modern times many recall the movement of conservative groups in the 80s and 90s calling for movies, shows, games, and music to be "canceled" due to their content. This movement was near exclusive to conservative ideology.

But even as "woke cancel culture" is catching the ire of conservative politicians in today's world, those same conservative groups are simultaneously attempting their own "cancel culture". With conservatives groups currently waging wars on schools, libraries, and books across the United States.

Both sides of American politics are equally as guilty as one another when it comes to their own "cancel cultures", even if they pretend to be blind to each other's actions.

When it comes to holiday films, there's a lot to unpack. Some of these holiday specials found themselves in trouble from conservative groups decades ago, only to be returned to the mainstream to face liberal complaint. Some of these classics have become victims of their time period. While others may be facing complaints that are a stretch.

But going back to what we originally said, make sure to investigate any story you see about one of these classics being "canceled". Because any online search can come up with an author telling you why any holiday movie should be banned, but not all of them have something to back up their claims. We looked over numerous "calls for cancelation" stories online, and found that many actually had some merit to them. Whether it was long threads on sites like Reddit, trends on Twitter (or X, whatever we're calling it), or investigative pieces by legitimate journalism sites, we made sure to find context for all of these.

Now does this means that networks will fully pull the showings of these during the holiday season? Probably not. But when these calls get too loud, or sponsor dollars start to move, you will stop seeing these movies and specials really quick. Some have the added layer of local stations, which have made decisions to not show content in the past, while others have homes on cable networks, which make them more tricky for localized bans. But in today's world, its always possible showings of these could get cut for complaints.

Holiday Classics At Risk To Be Canceled

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