Incomes are rising across the nation and in Louisiana, workers are making nearly 7% more than we were pulling in a year ago. The latest federal data shows the average income in the Bayou State for 2021 was $54,217. This compares to $50,809 in 2020. This puts Louisiana at #41 in the nation for salaries. The national average is $64,143.

If you check this same report from 10 years ago, Louisiana residents were making just over $39,000 in 2011. But we ranked 31st in the nation. So our salaries have gone up, but incomes in other states have also gone up and in many cases, the dollars have surpassed what workers in Louisiana have been getting for increases.

What Do the Numbers Look Like in Shreveport and Bossier?

For 2021, the average worker in Shreveport and Bossier City made $55,198. We are ranked at #175 in the United States. We make about 86% of the national average, which is $64,143. The Shreveport income numbers are up by 6.8% from 2020 while the U.S. workers brought in 7.5% more, on average.

Wages are expected to continue rising once the numbers for 2022 are released. Employers have had to bump up pay to attract workers and to help offset inflation.

Louisiana’s population in 2021 was 4,624,047, putting us at #25 in the nation.

Louisiana Parishes Ranked By Salaries

Starting from the lowest, here's how Louisiana Parishes stack up when you check the data for average salaries.

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