People were left shocked and unnerved by images captured on security cameras this week. But not for the reasons people would normally find concern on their security footage.

Usually people are startled on their security cameras by wildlife, or someone taking a package off their doorstep. But what do you do when a horror movie killer is caught on your camera? That's exactly what has been happening across the United States.

Earlier this week, there were numerous calls to the Sonoma Police Department in California when someone dressed as The Ghostface killer from the Scream movie franchise was witnessed standing near the town's plaza. Ghostface stood for nearly an hour in just a few spots, rarely moving. Here's some video from Visit Sonoma who caught the whole thing on their camera.

This Ghostface resulted in multiple calls to police, who eventually caught up with the masked individual. What Ghostface told them was pretty shocking to the officers. He wasn't there with any violent intent, he had actually been hired to be there.

The person behind the Ghostface informed investigators that he'd been hired by Paramount Pictures to execute the stunt to promote the upcoming theatrical release of the next movie in the Scream franchise.

So why Sonoma? Because large parts of the original Scream movie were filmed in (and around) the city in the 90s. Making it the visual setting for the movie, even if the name of the fictional town was Woodsboro.

There's no telling if this was the only spot Paramount will be sending a Ghostface to promote the movie, or if we should be keeping an eye out in Shreveport too?

Yes, Shreveport.

While Sonoma, California may have been the place where the movie was filmed, the origins of the story behind Scream started in Shreveport. A story you can read about here.

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