A Haughton couple feels stranded in Europe. They have reached out to us to get some help as they are hoping to be able to travel home next week.

This comes after President Trump announced a travel ban from Europe.

My wife and I reside in Haughton and are currently in London on vacation. Out of respect for our government's leadership and the reports that were presented about the COVID-19 virus and traveling my wife and I did not cancel our European vacation to London, Belgium, and Paris. We do not fear the virus but we do fear being away from our three young children for 30 days until this ban is lifted.

We are scheduled to fly back to Shreveport out of Paris, France Tuesday, March 17th into DFW. I have not been able to reach our airline (American Airlines) due to the fact that when we call their message says there is a long hold time and they then immediately disconnect the call. I've reached out to our travel advisor and they are quoting a one-way ticket out of London around $4,800. We have already paid for this vacation so we prefer not to have any stress added to our family budget.

Please provide clarity to the President's proclamation issued on restricting travel from the EU? Will we have to rebook our return flight to fly out of London? Will we be able to fly out of Paris on Tuesday, March 17th, as scheduled? How do we qualify for the special circumstances the President mentioned in his address?

We contacted Senator Bill Cassidy's office about this case and they quickly responded telling us they will be in touch with this couple.

We discussed details of this case on the radio.

President Trump's new travel ban goes into effect this Friday night at midnight. Here is his complete speech on the ban and how Americans will be handled.

There are now 13 presumptive cases of Coronavirus in Louisiana, including one in Caddo Parish.

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