Gun Talk host Tom Gresham talks about the attack on gun owners and the 2nd Amendment planned for the upcoming Presidential race and campaign season.

Gresham, who hosts Gun Talk every Sunday from 1 til 4, describes a multi-point plan by Democrats and, specifically, Presidential candidate Joe Biden, to drastically slow, if not eliminate, the sale of guns in America.

Gresham cites a number of points highlighted by the Biden campaign, including criminalizing private firearms transfers, criminalizing interstate gun and ammunition sales, banning the manufacture and sale of sporting rifles and limiting the number of rounds per magazine, among others.

"Just go to the Joe Biden campaign website," Gresham begins, "And you look at his plan for guns and gun owners. Clearly, it's been written by the gun ban lobby. It includes everything from banning the most popular guns in America, to limiting how many guns you can have, to making it illegal if you don't store your gun the way they want you to store it."

"Isn't it the weirdest thing," he continues, "That you have the same groups who are saying we should defund the police, who don't want you to be able to protect yourself."

And Gresham adds that America's gun owners and Second Amendment advocates will be a major factor in the November election. "(America) has two million new gun owners in the last two or three months. None of them will want to ban the gun that they just bought. I think the polls are all wrong. I think a bunch of us who've looked at the riots and the defund the police nonsense...we're going to register to vote and we're going show up to vote."


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