Governor John Bel Edwards says lawmakers "did what's right for higher education in Louisiana. It's what's right for the people of Louisiana."

Click here to see the Governor's comments after the session wrapped.

Governor Edwards also personally thanked the members of the Legislature. He told members they reached a compromise that will fund our critical priorities. He added that it's not "everything we wanted it to be. Nobody got everything they wanted. But everybody got something. That's what a compromise is." Edwards adds "it will still give nearly $600 million dollars in tax reductions to the state of Louisiana."
He says 74 members in the House and 33 members in the Senate voted to "put our fiscal cliff, finally in the rear view mirror. And now prosperity and stability are straight ahead. This is what bipartisanship and compromise looks like."

Governor Edwards says it is time for all state leaders to begin working on real tax reform. He also told reporters the state general fund is a billion dollars less than it was 10 years ago. But that 2008 general fund budget was full of money pumped into our state in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Two Shreveport Senators were on the list of just 6 no votes on this compromise. Ryan Gatti and John Milkovich did not support the plan. See how all the Senators voted by clicking here.

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