Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has addressed concerns about his actions after learning about the death of Ronald Greene after an altercation with Louisiana State Troopers.

The Governor says “there are implications that I knew more or that one or more of my staff members tried to cover up what happened. I will say that is simply and categorically false.”

Governor Edwards met with the Legislative Black Caucus and then met with members of the media to discuss the case. This comes after an Associated Press report says the Governor got text messages informing him that Greene died after a violent confrontation with troopers. Some lawmakers accuse the Governor of being deceitful by being silent when troopers claimed Greene died as a result of a car crash.

Greene, a black motorist, died in State Police custody following a violent struggle with troopers in 2019. Edwards claims he did not find out the specific details of Greene's death until 2020.

But the Associated Press story says text messages obtained in a public records request suggest Edwards is lying and did not speak up as State Police continually told the family and reporters that Greene died from a crash following a high speed chase.

During the Tuesday news conference, Edwards said it is just not "in his heart to do the things he is accused of doing." He adds "I will never do anything and I have never done anything to impede or impair an investigation. I have never done anything to prevent justice from being served."

Will There Be an Investigation?

Some GOP lawmakers are now calling for a full investigation. Even State Attorney General Jeff Landry tells KEEL News he also supports an independent investigation. He says the Governor has repeatedly said one thing to the people of Louisiana, but done something different behind the scene.

Governor Edwards on a possible investigation: "I can't tell you that I welcome an investigation that is an absolute which hunt with no basis in fact. Where would that stop?"

The AP report shows that the Governor was notified within hours of the tragedy that Mr. Greene did survive the wreck, but died in police custody.

Ronald Greene's mother, Mona Hardin is again calling for the Governor to resign and face charges for covering up the crime. She made those comments during an exclusive interview with KNOE in Monroe.

Edwards did make a pledge at the end of the news conference to work to ensure that happened in the Ronald Greene case never happens again.

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