If you're looking for a new opportunity in the software biz... you just might have one coming to Louisiana soon.  Delaware based global business software company 360Insights announced that it will move its U.S. headquarters to New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Louisiana Economic Development says the company will generate at least 50 direct jobs, and another 50-plus indirect jobs to Louisiana.  Senior VP of Business Development Josh Fleig says they've been working on this deal for over a year.

“This is a big move for New Orleans and a big boost for our economy; especially for our technology and software development sector.”

GNO Inc worked with the New Orleans Business Alliance and Louisiana Economic Development to bring 360Insights to the Bayou State, Fleig says. A major factor in being able to close the deal is the state's Digital Software Development Tax Credit program.

“Louisiana has one of THE most valuable software development tax credits in the country. And so that was one of the core driving components to the value proposition of landing these guys here in the area.”

360Insights has locations all over the world, including Canada and the UK.  The company serves many industries, working with companies like Pirelli Tires, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, Yamaha, and Bentley.  According to their website:

360insights helps brands motivate, equip, and engage partners to grow their business through the channel. Incentives & Rewards. Money talks. Use financial incentives, like prepaid cards, ACH and wire transfers, and merchandise, to spur action in your channel.

Fleig says the company's CEO has already moved to New Orleans and is laying the groundwork for the move.  The interview and hiring process is already underway.

“Ideally, they’ll hit 50 direct jobs over the next couple years – two to three years. And the average salary around $85-thousand.”

The company expects to be fully staffed within two years.

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