Kristi Gustavson, CEO of the Community Foundation of North Louisiana talks about the annual Give For Good Day and the area non-profits that it assists.

Give for Good began eight years ago as a single day event but, this year, started two weeks early to allow for advanced giving beginning on April 20.

Tuesday is the official Give for Good "Day of Giving," during which an online tally of contributions is constantly updated so the public can see the total amount grow throughout the day.

Gustavson comments on hitting the million dollar mark early in the day. "We hit $1.98 million last year and that was amazing during COVID, " she says, "So I'm really hopeful we can hit $2 million this year."

"For a lot of the non-profits, particularly the small ones, this is one of their biggest fundraisers of the year," Gustavson adds, emphasizing that so many area services stayyed open throughout the COVID shutdowns, "What (Give for Good) allows them to do is raise unrestricted dollars, meaning they can use it for any program they want to and help fill (funding) gaps during the year."

Gustavson also talks about the Foundations Lagniappe Fund, which splits an additional $200,000 among the participating non-profits. "You have until midnight tonight," she says, "And we'll be up and awake and taking donations until then."

To get all the information about the Community Foundation of North Louisiana's Give for Good Day, to see the list of non-profit organizations or to donate yourself, JUST CLICK HERE!

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