Retired Army General Russel Honore' has some strong words about problem water systems in Louisiana.  He focuses on troubles in Bossier City saying leaders must keep the public informed about what's going on.


Recently the water in Bossier has tested posted for a brain eating amoeba and a chlorine burn has been done, but many residents still have concerns saying the water is causing rashes and other health issues.

General Honore' says

The sources of our drinking water are the Red River in Bossier and Cross Lake in Shreveport.   However, the problem is not so much the sources but rather the disinfection treatment  procedures.

We have a lot of organic matter in our feed-water in this region, such as decaying algae, leaves, etc, but neither Bossier nor Shreveport are doing an adequate job of removing the organic matter from the feed-water, and that is what’s reacting with the disinfection chemicals to make harmful byproducts (e.g. trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, just to name a few).


Shreveport (with all its problems) actually appears to be trying harder to address its water treatment issues than Bossier City.
Honore' also added: "Bossier has an $80 million state-of-the-art new water treatment plant that they are not using to its capabilities or capacity, in order to save money.  Cutting corners on water treatment just doesn’t make sense.  It really is an embarrassment.  The privatization of Bossier’s water system has been a disaster."

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