SHREVEPORT, LA - It's too early to be talking about swimming in area lakes, but it won't be long before warm weather arrives and we might want to take a dip.

You probably should know Shreveport area lakes are among the most popular for alligators in Louisiana.

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Where Alligators Live

Southeast regions of the U.S. are the most popular for alligators. You probably think Florida is the home for the majority of gators. But Louisiana actually leads the nation. But you will also find gators in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and the southern part of Texas. Alligators are most likely found in freshwater, particularly in the marsh and swampy regions.

Experts estimate there are about 2 million alligators in Louisiana.

What Lakes in Louisiana Have the Most Gators?

Wildlife and Fisheries agents believe Lake Martin near Lafayette has the most alligators in it in Louisiana. But a three north Louisiana lakes also rank high on that list.




How Large Can Alligators Get?

Believe it or not, but alligators can grow up to 20 feet or larger. The largest ever found in Louisiana was an estimated 19 ft 2 in. The average size is between 11 and 16 feet.

The folks at say you should be extra careful when swimming in Cross, Caddo or Cypress Lakes.

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Louisiana has the largest alligator population in the world. There are more than 2 million alligators in the wild and another 1 million that live on alligator farms. Florida has the second-largest population of alligators with 1.3 million gators.

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