One of the primary reasons the Governor and other state leaders are urging evacuees not to try to return home is the limited supply of gas.

Many south Louisiana stations are not out of fuel and supplies are flowing in slowly.

Long waits are expected at stations that do have fuel. Some of the lines were a mile long with people waiting for hours.

GasBuddy's Patrick De Haan is reporting on the numbers of stations without fuel. He says about 40% of stations in Baton Rouge are out. And that number is about 35% in New Orleans.

Gas Buddy
Gas Buddy

One man says he waited for more than 6 hours at a convenience store in Chalmette. He tells Fox News he used about a quarter of a tank of gas waiting in line.

At least one tanker truck from Calumet Refinery did send fuel and more deliveries are planned.

The feds are stepping in to help to get more fuel to the region. A spokesman for the President says the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is temporarily lifting some regulations to get fuel moving more quickly.

This will include lifting the restrictions on how many hours a truck driver can drive.

About a million people are still without power. But Entergy is reporting today they have restored power to a small part of eastern New Orleans this morning.

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