Gabriel Lee, the man accused of locking a dog named Braveheart in a Louisiana storage unit and leaving him to die, was in court to face those charges. During his departure from the Caddo courthouse, Fox 33 reporter Annie Andersen attempted to interview Lee, who shoved her away.

In the video, Andersen asks Lee if he had a comment regarding the allegations that he locked a puppy inside an abandoned storage unit. Lee pushes Andersen away during the brief exchange, and exits Caddo District Court without a word. Strangely enough, this isn't the first time Lee has pushed Andersen in court.

According to Andersen, Lee was so late he almost missed his court appearance.

The pit bull puppy later dubbed Braveheart was found last year locked inside a locked storage unit in Louisiana near death. He was rushed to Dr. Conduff at the Emergency Animal Clinic, who helped save the dog's life.

Bo and Ronda Spataro, who fostered Braveheart, were both in the courtroom today for Lee's appearance.

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