Gabriel Lee, the man accused of locking a puppy named Braveheart inside an abandoned storage unit in Shreveport, was in court Wednesday morning (June 18) to face felony animal abuse charges.

According to Fox 33, Braveheart supporters, who had been invited by the dog's adoptive parents Bo and Ronda Spataro, were so numerous that the courthouse was completely full. Many supporters were forced to sit in the court's overflow room.

Judge John Moseley granted Lee an extension, which means he will be back in court again soon.

The dog, who was discovered near death in 2013, was adopted by Bo and Ronda Spataro following a brief dispute with Caddo Parish animal control.

Lee previously appeared in April at the Caddo District Court to face the animal abuse charges, making headlines when he was caught on video pushing a reporter in the courthouse.

[via Fox 33]

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