It wasn't the exact verdict Braveheart fans wanted, but a Caddo Parish jury has found Gabriel Lee guilty to a reduced charge of simple cruelty to animals.

He's looking at a sentence of up to six months, a $1,000 fine or both. Sentencing is set for February 10.

The pit bull's new owner Bo Spataro told me he and many others are hoping for the maximum sentence against Lee.

"We have actually two petitions. One of them has, I think, 28,000 signatures and another one has right at 13,000 signatures," Spataro said. "On the first actually had signatures from every state in the United States and its territories. It also had a signature from representatives of 60 different countries, I think."

Spataro said he appreciates everyone who helped with this case, since it's difficult to get animal cruelty cases heard in court.

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Photo: Bo Spataro

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