I just came back from visiting with my family on the west coast and one of the first things mentioned is how I am from Louisiana. Of course, the questions I get asked make me laugh most of the time, and then there are times when I remember it is very rude to roll my eyes at someone.

I have been asked on multiple occasions to "say something Louisianian". At first, I would just go silent and look at them wondering if they were serious, now I just scream "Laissez les bons temps rouler" and they all think I am some type of expert in everything Louisiana.

"Do you go to New Orleans every weekend to go out?"

Explaining to people on the west coast that I am much closer to Dallas than I am to New Orleans seems to perplex everyone. Almost every single time I have to pull up a map and show people how far New Orleans is. I always tell people "Think of where I live as a border town, and I am closer to the bigger cities in Texas.".

I stumbled upon a video on TikTok that had me in stitches. This man is saying everything I say inside my head that I could never say out loud.

Leandre Waller whose TikTok name is @Smokefu77 took to his TikTok to tell everyone the "Top 3 things folks in Shreveport are tired of hearing". He included the part of us being closer to Dallas than to New Orleans which had me yelling "Yes sir tell them!". Check out the video, did he miss anything?

@smokefu77##greenscreen ##fyp ##shreveport ##bossiercity thanks for the inspiration @chaowilliams 👏🏾👏🏾♬ Queen's Intermission - Jay

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