What makes our Vinyl window better than other manufacturer’s vinyl windows?

The Material Matters
Products made with SunShield offer benefits that aluminum and
wood just can’t match.

Energy Efficiency
Windows and doors made with SunShield can help reduce
your heating and cooling costs, offering nearly 1600 times
the thermal efficiency of aluminum. The SunShield compound
allows for engineered insulating features that wood windows
can’t duplicate.

Resistant to Water and Light
Products made with SunShield are impervious to the damaging
effects of moisture and sunlight for uniform quality and color
over time. Conversely, exposure to water can cause corrosion
in aluminum products and mildew and rot in wood products;
ultraviolet light can have a damaging effect on the finish of both
aluminum and wood products, causing fading and peeling.

Building products made with SunShield, by their nature, resist
combustion and are slow to ignite. Flame spread is slow, and
products are self-extinguishing when the flame source is removed.

Low Maintenance
Products made with SunShield resist staining and are easy to
clean. In addition, because they retain their color, they never need
painting—or repainting.

Sustainable Products
Products made with SunShield are energy-efficient to produce, are
100% recyclable and have a much longer lifecycle than aluminum
or wood. That also means fewer greenhouse gas emissions associated
with the manufacturing—along with the savings provided to
homeowners on energy costs.