Money is now available for small businesses, charity groups and other non-profit agencies in Louisiana. The sign-up process begins today for the coronavirus relief help. This money was set aside by state lawmakers. The state has $10 million dollars for the program. The maximum grant award is $25,000. Small businesses are eligible if they have 50 workers or less. They must also use the money for workforce development linked to economic troubles directly caused by the pandemic.

Others eligible to sign up today are charities, faith-based organizations and other nonprofit agencies. The Louisiana Department of Revenue is administering this program. You can click on this link to get signed up.

Nonprofits will have to show they used the money to offer help to communities impacted by the COVID-19 illness caused by the coronavirus, with priority given to organizations providing food, job assistance and education programs.

General Eligibility Rules:

  • Have been open and actively operating as of June 17, 2021
  • Be in good standing with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office, if applicable
  • Be in compliance with applicable federal and Louisiana tax laws for tax years 2019 and 2020
  • Not exist to advance partisan political activity
  • Not directly lobby federal or state officials
  • Enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Louisiana Department of Revenue to ensure funds are properly expended

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