I (Rueben Wright, Producer of the Robert and Erin show) was browsing YouTube looking for old videos from Minden, my home town. I guess I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to take a peek back in time while practicing good social distancing.

I came across a YouTube channel run by videographer Lloyd Davis, filled with Minden related video dating from the mid-eighties to present-day. After browsing his channel for way longer than I should have, I started seeing that he had quite a few old Minden Mardi Gras Parades captured on video.

When I clicked the 2001 parade I was expecting to see some familiar faces, but I was totally unprepared to see a 20-years-younger Robert J. Wright as soon as the video started. Followed (of course) by the one and only Erin McCarty.

Yes, that's the infamous duo rubbing elbows with the fine folks of Minden back in their K94.5 days in 2001 after being named Grand Marshals of the Minden Mardi Gras Parade.

After the intro, you can see them perched in a convertible, tossing beads to the eager parade goers.

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