According to Bam Margera's Instagram page, he didn't have the greatest of weekends, after allegedly being robbed at gunpoint.

In the video, Margera states:

"I just arrived in Cartagena alone and I took a taxi, a random one, from the airport to here, and I couldn't speak Spanish, they couldn't speak English, and they translated on their phone for me to read 'empty your wallet' as they put a gun on their lap to show it to me. So I did and I had 500 bucks. They let me go. That was weird. Welcome to Colombia."

Margera was in Cartagena, Columbia for Universal Comic Cali. In addition to the video about being robbed, Metro UK is reporting that Bam has broken his sobriety. He posted a video showing him opening a beer and commenting on the sobriety, additionally he posted a video of him talking to him mother on the phone about the dysfunction in his travel arrangements. (NSFW language ahead)

First world problems with my mom

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Margera recently appeared on the VH1 show "Family Therapy", and after this weekend, sounds like he might need a few more episodes.

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