A former Louisiana governor and ex-convict is considering a run for Congress.

Former four-term Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards told the Louisiana Radio Network that he is considering running for Louisiana's 6th Congressional district seat.  Not only that, but the former governor has made up his mind, but won't make an announcement one way or the other just yet.

The seat the ex-convict would be seeking is being vacated by Republican Bill Cassidy who is challenging Senator Mary Landrieu for her senate seat.  But Edwards acknowledges that being 87 this August might be an issue for some voters.

"I hope that people will have an opportunity to view me," Edwards said.  "I'm still able to move around well, I don't have any disabilities, I still have a clear mind."

The former governor spent eight years in federal prison after being convicted of corrupting the state's gaming license process.

So why, at the age of 87, would Edwards even want to consider running for Congress?

He told the Louisiana Radio Network he is disappointed with the lack of action currently coming out of Washington, D.C.

And of course, there is plenty of reaction from Louisiana's political gurus.

University of Louisiana at Monroe political science professor Joshua Stockley told the Louisiana Radio Network that if Edwards does run for Congress, he would be an extremely strong candidate.

Stockley also believed the buzz around a potential Edwards run is because of the nostalgia and popularity around his legacy.  The professor also said that if Edwards does run for office, it only shows how weak the Democratic Party is right now in Louisiana.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette political science professor Pearson Cross agrees with Stockley about the weak field right now.  He told the Louisiana Radio Network that Edwards would be the strongest candidate in the field if he decided to run.

Cross hoped Edwards does enter the race because he said it would be pure entertainment and Louisiana politics need a shakeup.

Currently, Republican Baton Rouge State Senator Dan Claitor and Republican businessman Paul Dietzel have filed candidacy paperwork for the seat.

Edwards had a very brief reality television run last fall with A&E's The Governor's Wife featuring his much younger wife.


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