Edwin Edwards is one of the most flamboyant figures in the history of Louisiana politics and he will be featured on another reality TV series spotlighting Louisiana.

The A&E network is running promos for the new show, called “The Governor’s Wife”. Edwards (who is 86) and his wife Trina (who is 35)  star in the show. The series follows Trina as she discovers Edwin’s reserve of frozen sperm and tries to grow the family, while also trying to fit into the society world. Trina also has to try to get along with stepdaughters who are twice her age. She also is seen fighting the image that she's a gold digger. A&E producers hope "The Governor's Wife" will be as a big a hit as they found with another Louisiana family, the Robertson's, stars of Duck Dynasty. The show premieres Oct. 27 at 9PM.

A&E: The Governors Wife from Larry's Deli on Vimeo.

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