Many here in Shreveport-Bossier are still displeased with what happened at two local Walmarts a week and a half ago when shelves were ravaged when an EBT glitch fed a 'feeding frenzy' in Springhill and Mansfield.

Minden Congressman John Fleming says this abuse isn't the benefit-holders' fault.

"I blame the politicians who allow it to happen," Fleming told 710 KEEL.  "That's where the work needs to be done and I think the American people should hold us, as politicians in Washington and in the states, accountable for that."

Fleming's biggest concern is the culture that welfare abuse and over-usage has created in our nation.

"What happened in our Walmarts is just an example of the mentality that's being created by politicians out of Washington," Fleming added.  "Virtually every American has witnessed at some time, someone who seems to be materially very well off using the welfare system, particularly food stamps, in some way."

When incidents like what happened in Springhill, Mansfield, and other locations occur, Fleming says this is a culture that was created by Washington politicians.

"Remember, the President has removed work requirements, he's relaxed qualifications," the Minden congressman noted.  "Food stamps has exploded from 33 million Americans to almost 50 million Americans just under President Obama."

And that burden is costing American taxpayers.

"We spend around a trillion dollars, almost a third of our entire federal budget, on welfare," the Republican told 710 KEEL.  "It's unsustainable, it's going to completely swallow our entire budget."