Tempers flared after the Caddo Parish Commission meeting at Government Plaza in Shreveport on Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses tell KEEL News local publisher and government watchdog John Settle got into some sort of altercation with Caddo Parish Commissioner Steven Jackson.

Photo - Amanda Currier
Photo - Amanda Currier

We know these two men have a long history of disagreements and Settle has been one of the first to report on recent incidents involving Jackson. This includes the recent arrest of Jackson by Bossier City Police. He is accused of impersonating a police officer during an incident last year on Airline Drive after getting into some sort of dispute with another person. Jackson turned himself in to Bossier Officials.

In this weeks incident, an eyewitness tells KEEL News Settle was making comments toward Jackson as the Commission meeting ended and at one point called Jackson "blue light boy". Settle denies using the word "boy". Folks at the scene say Jackson got visibly upset and got in Settle's face. He also allegedly poked Settle in the face. He was pulled away from Settle by some of his colleagues on the Commission and other Parish officials.

Settle tells KEEL News Jackson assaulted him by waving his cell phone within two inches of his face. He also says Jackson threatened "to take me down." He also says Jackson committed battery by "poking me in the face." Settle promptly filed a report with Shreveport Police.

We contacted Jackson after the incident and he told us he has also filed a report with Government Plaza security. He says Settle is guilty of disturbing the peace by shouting taunts at him and disturbing the meeting. Jackson cited state law that defines disturbing the peace as:

Addressing an offensive, derisive, or annoying words to any other person who is lawfully in any street or public place, or call him by any offensive or derisive name."

We will follow-up on these police reports to determine if any citations will be issued.

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