Happy Mother's Day to all Moms this weekend. If you are lucky enough to still have your Mom with you, please give her a hug for me.

I miss my Mom so much. You don't know her, but I have many of her characteristics.

But she also had so many traits that were unique to her. She was witty and kind, gentle and loving and so very protective. This was a woman who never complained about her own ailments even as age set in and she was dealing with some of the related frailties. During our regular phone conversations she would always ask me how I was doing and remind me to take care of myself and enjoy life.

I miss her and wish I could have one more conversation with this lovely lady.

She loved our large family and was always the first person to ask if you needed anything. In some ways she was generous to a fault. Lots of charity organizations could count on a regular check from my Mom and she was thrilled to be able to help. She was devoted to her faith and even until her final days on earth, she would get down on her knees at night to pray at bedtime. She did this every night and would start each day reading a daily devotional.

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