SHREVEPORT, LA - Another Shreveport apartment complex is under the microscope today.

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Mayor Tom Arceneaux has issued another public health and safety emergency for the Linwood Homes at 7210 Bernstein in Cedar Grove.

What Does This Declaration Do?

This Declaration gives the Police Department the authority to remove and, if necessary, arrest anyone who is occupying any apartment unit, camping on the property, or scavenging any item from the property. Public Works and Property Standards will also be able to go in and all illegally dumped trash and garbage. Other City departments will also be able to address any other hazardous conditions that might impact public safety and health. 

Google Maps
Google Maps

What Has the City Done?

Signs have been be posted at the entrances to the complex letting folks know entry is forbidden. The Police Department will enforce the ban by making periodic sweeps of the property. 

 Mayor Arceneaux cited several issues that made this Declaration necessary: 


  1. This property is unsafe to occupy since it lacks running water or functioning toilets.  


  1. The trash generated by squatters and others, combined with the trash generated as the last residents moved out, is also a hazard to public health. 


  1. This property is vulnerable to fires set by squatters and scavengers. A two-fire alarm was recently set at Linwood Homes that took thirty-two firefighters and thirteen units to control; one firefighter was injured. More can be expected if action is not taken. 


  1. The proximity of these properties to nearby residential and commercial areas presents both public safety and health concerns. 
Google Maps
Google Maps

 This emergency declaration will be in effect until July 26th unless extended. 

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