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Parents of students at Waskom Middle School are upset about a student allegedly threatening a middle school coach with gun violence. Parents posting comments on a private Waskom Facebook page are upset at their perception the school officials haven't done enough to keep students safe. Waskom school officials have allegedly allowed the student back in the classroom following the alleged threat.

Waskom Middle School coach Patrick Durbin posted a video to TikTok stating:

I had a student threaten to shoot me... with a gun. I immediately turned that name, as well as the students who reported it to me to my principal, as well as a councelor, who were both in her office. I proceeded to go to athletics... 8th period... we go to lift our basketball kids after school, because they missed lifting, and the kid who threatened me was in the field-house. Nothing had been done. It wasn't even reported to the police department that this kid had threatened to kill a teacher in front of other students... and said he had a gun.  In fact, he told the kids, "Don't come to school today, cause I'm gonna shoot this person."  Ya'll wonder why teachers are getting out, and why teachers are quitting. It's bad administration, and people covering up for kids doing things to endanger other people's lives.


Since the tragedies that happened at Columbine, Sandy Hook, and too many other schools, it is imperative for any school system in the face of a threat of violence, to take that threat seriously, and enact immediate action to protect it's staff and students.

TSM Listener submitted
TSM Listener submitted

More school systems should adopt the policy of the Union Grove ISD in Gladewater, Texas.

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