A 10-year-old east Texas boy is being treated for 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns after igniting a cup containing gasoline.

According to the Harrison Councy Sheriff's Office, emergency responders got a call from 3300 Lansing Switch in Longview just after 7:30 last night regarding a juvenile who had been badly burned.

Deputies say the boy lit a piece of material on fire and threw it into a cup of gasoline possibly mixed with paint thinner. When the cup erupted into flames, another juvenile picked it up and threw it against a wooden fence in an attempt to stop the fire.

The flammable liquid splashed back onto the 10-year-old, causing his t-shirt to catch fire. The other child pulled off the shirt and extinguished the flames with it. The boy's parents took him to Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview for treatment of burns on his right side and back. He was transported to Parkland Hospital in Dallas for further treatment.

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