Living in Longview we all know of the Butcher Shop. It's the place we all sneak off to get delicious pies and cookies. It's also a great spot for lunch. The burgers are great, and I love the homemade french fries.

I have stepped foot into the Butcher Shop countless times and I had never heard of the "Betcha Can't" food challenge. Up until now.

It's the heftiest food challenge I have seen in the Ark-La-Tex.

This is the largest burger I have ever seen. Seriously, 5 pounds of hamburger meat, on top of two of the largest buns I have ever seen, second to Lizzo's. It doesn't stop there, you have to down 2 pounds of french fries. Yes, this would probably equal close to 9 pounds of food including the buns. The crazy part is you only have 30 minutes to complete the challenge. Who is crazy enough to take on this challenge?

Notorious BOB's YouTube Channel
Notorious BOB's YouTube Channel

Meet Bob Shoudt AKA Notorious BOB. This man came to the Ark-La-Tex with only one goal in mind, to be the first person to ever beat the "Betcha Can't" burger challenge at The Butcher Shop in Longview, Texas.

Notorious BOB took to his YouTube Channel to document his journey.

Here is what he said about this challenge:

"It is Day 3 of the trip and our 4th challenge. I am dragging after eating 12.8 lbs the day before and we have this massive 8.5 lbs Bethca' Can't Burger Challenge which has never been defeated. This challenge started out as an hour-long challenge. Lowered to 45 minutes and that is what their shirts have on it. We were told since no one won that they lowered it to 30 minutes. OK, we are game. Bring on the burger!"

Spoiler Alert!

Notorious BOB pulled it off and he now is the only person that has dominated the "Betcha Can't" Challenge. 

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