Dr. Martha Whyte, Region 7 Director of the Office of Public Health joined us to talk about the latest on Coronavirus, but she also talked to us about her husband's positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

She says it came on quickly and she believe he contracted it at his office.

Here is part of what Dr. Whyte posted on Facebook:

Bill has Covid-19. He is in the ICU, intubated and fighting hard, as he has his whole life. I spend 16 + hr days begging people to do the right thing and just stay home, talking to leaders, talking to people who are sick, talking to people who are scared and educating people who think they don't care. I have to admit I am angry. Angry at people not caring about anything but their own selfish wants. There are people who do not have a choice. They have to go to work everyday to take care of you and people you love. And now the man I love and have loved since I was 18 is in a fight for his life. I can't see him or talk to him or comfort him.

Please keep Dr. Whyte and her family in your prayers.


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