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Dr. G.E. Ghali, Chancellor of LSU Health Shreveport, has announced he is resigning his post at the school. Ghali, who was just recently reinstated following a Title VII investigation, has issued a statement on what made him want to step away.

In a letter to LSU President Tom Galligan, which was sent to the media as well, Ghali says that the attacks on him were unjustified and he is not shocked by the findings of the investigation. Ghali also states that after spending time at home due to his suspension and spending more time with patients, he realized he now longer wants to be Chancellor of LSU Health.

The letter sent to President Galligan, Ghali elaborates on the two reasons for the move. When talking about his family Ghali mentions the "quality family time" that he has missed. Ghali mentions his four children, two in high school and two in middle school, and says the time away "reinforced" his love for his family.

But Ghali also points to the increased enjoyment he has found with his patients, staff, and students with the "uninterrupted interactions" that come from not having Chancellor duties.

In the closing of his resignation letter, Ghali states:

"For nearly three decades, I have placed our university first, often taking precious time away from my young children and wife. Every decision I have made as Chancellor over the past five plus years was made with the best interest of my LSUHS family. This personal decision to step down is no different and does not detract from my love for LSUHS, its employees, staff, students, and faculty, but rather it places the needs of my family first."

Dr. G.E. Ghali has been the Chancellor at LSU Health Shreveport since February 1st, 2016.

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