Most people are heeding the warning and staying off the roads, but some are still trying to get out and they are running into extremely hazardous conditions.

Erin Buchanan from Louisiana's DOTD says they had to pull back on the de-icing work because of the heavy snowfall this morning. She says it was too dangerous for the crews to be out. She also told us the treating of the roads would not do much good as more snow and ice continues to fall. The crews will try to get back out as the co

DOTD did issue a statement saying "all roadways are impassable, but they are not in a condition for anyone to travel. We have strongly discouraged people from getting on the roads today."

All the bridges across the Red River are open, but they are extremely dangerous.


Buchanan says this could be catastrophic as another strong system moves in on Tuesday night. She says this could be crippling and there will not be much DOTD crews can do to clear the roads. Travel will be non-existent, basically, she adds. And to top that off she says power outages will likely come on top of the already dangerous conditions.

This morning, police responded to dozens of calls from motorists who were involved in accidents as a result of sliding off the roads. That will likely continue through at least Wednesday.

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