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Nope, you don't need to "make him famous". In fact, you probably should cool it on ever doing that on social media.

By now you've probably seen a post with the pictures of the guy above, and a plea to "make him famous" for stealing catalytic converters. At this moment, you might even be starting to feel a little bit of panic about whether or not your shared it.

If you did, you just want to be on the look out now, especially in your Facebook Messages. You could be getting some weird DMs from people trying to get you to send them money. Or to buy something from them. Because that seems to be the point of this social media scam.

See, it appears that sharing this picture itself isn't the scam. That's just "scam seeds" that are being planted. Their goal is to see who online is predisposed to sharing content with no context or evidence. Essentially, they're looking for people who are social media gullible. Those are now "soft targets" for them and their next, real, scam. So if you did share the post, maybe go back to your Facebook now and delete it.

Oh, you're probably thinking "this joker is telling me I'm sharing stuff without evidence and that makes me gullible, where is his evidence?" You know, I'm glad I pretended you asked, because that's progress. You're learning.

Here's the evidence:

This original post isn't from Shreveport, or Bossier, or Monroe, or any of the other places it's been posted in Louisiana. The original post is from the UK, and it's over 2 years old...

Not to mention, there's proof of this getting shared all over the world. Not the original post, the "make them famous" scam post. It can be found in Facebook groups all over the place. Our friends up in the Quad Cities did an incredible job to find the same post getting shared multiple times, in multiple cities, all in a short time period.

There's no way this same dude, from the UK, is wearing the exact same thing, with the exact same tools, doing the exact same pose in all of these cities, and then in Shreveport too. What is harder to believe, that this catalytic converter Santa Claus can fly the globe all in one day to "get famous", or that some third world country social media scammer is trying to get ransomware on your computer?

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