Residents of the Highland and Broadmoor neighborhoods have been asking for action to be taken to get rid of the eyesore on Kings Highway at Highland Avenue where Don's Seafood used to operate. The building was totally destroyed in an early morning fire on January 30th. Since that time, the shell of the building has been crumbling and it is quite a hazard and some say it's been attracting varmints to that location.

Residents have been repeatedly calling city hall to get something done to clear the site and now we might have some progress.

Don's Fire

Shreveport Councilwoman LeVette Fuller posted this message to her Facebook page giving folks an update:

I've been in contact with the director of property standards, and we should expect the Don's seafood building to be demolished within the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience. Mark your calendars, and if it's not done we can follow up.

Fire Chief Scott Wolverton told KEEL News the blaze was intentionally set, but we have not heard yet if the District Attorney has filed any charges in this case.

Don's Seafood was an area favorite, renowned for it's one of a kind specialties for many years. During the economic downturn in the mid 2000's, the restaurant struggled to attract the younger crowd. This, combined with a host of new restaurants opening along Youree Drive drew folks away from this longtime Highland Neighborhood fixture.

Don's was open in Shreveport for more than 40 years, but struggled to attract a steady crowd. Don's Seafood closed its doors for good in 2008.

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