Don Tubbs, owner of Tubbs Hardware in Bossier City, talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Matt Parker about how small businesses can compete, and even succeed, against both "big box stores" and internet sellers.

Tubbs tells KEEL listeners how his business has evolved, and how his stores continue to thrive, even as other brick and mortar locations, big and small, are closing their doors. Tubbs emphasizes that the key to any success is to know and serve your customer. "We know our customer base," says Tubbs, "We are connecting with our customers, we are interacting with them. We find out what their needs are, and their needs are totally different in a country than a city community."

Then, the longtime Bossier and Benton businessman gives a secret to his success - a tip most would find surprising: "The internet is our best friend as a small business. We have all the information (about our competitors) in our pocket on out iPhone."

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