Many bakeries aren't putting plastic babies into their King Cakes this year. It seems there have been too many lawsuits in Louisiana over the trinkets, claiming they're choking hazards. But Tubbs Hardware owner Don Tubbs, who makes his own King Cakes, says you can't choke on his babies.

"Our baby is huge," Tubbs told KEEL News. "I always try to have the biggest baby possible and I get them specially made for us. And I try to make sure that they're golden because of the fact that it is the Christ child."

Tubbs said he used to put the smaller babies into his cakes, but now he puts the bigger ones on top. It's not because of any choking issues, though.

"I want you to see that the baby's there," he said. "Then you just pick up a spatula and pick up the cake, and ours is very moist and delicious -- we guarantee that -- and you put the baby where you want it as the host or hostess of the party, and then the baby just sinks into that section of it."

He said too many people don't claim to have found the baby in the cake, perhaps because they don't want to have to host the next King Cake party, which is part of the cake's rich tradition.

"King Cakes have been around for many, many, many centuries. And back in the day before television, and before radio, and before internet, and the home entertainment centers and everything that we have, people used to want to have company," he said. "They wanted people to come to their home and tell them about all the exciting things happening in their lives. That really doesn't happen anymore."

Tubbs said nowadays, some people don't want to find the baby, because they have to buy the next cake or host the next party. "So I tell people to kind of leave that alone, you don't have to do that," he said. "Just know that you get the luck if you find the Christ child."


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