Shreveport is not buying Dodge Hellcats after all. Police Chief Wayne Smith has told the City Council says he does need new vehicles to replace the Ford Explorer Interceptors he has diverted to the new Community Response Unit (CRU). The Chief has decided to reactivate the CRU's to address our crime problems. Chief Smith says the CRU's will target hotspots where we need immediate attention. He says this might help fight violent crime in some of our neighborhoods. Chief Smith says the CRU officers are now back in action as of Monday.

How Much Will the New Police Cars Cost?

Chief Smith says he can buy these Dodge Chargers off of the state contract for about $27,000 and then add the police package for about $17,000. This brings the price of each of the new cars to about $45,000 dollars.

Chief Smith has told the Council he also needs about 75 patrol cars in the "pool" for those officers who don't live inside the city limits. Those officers can not take patrol cars home, but they need cars available to them while on duty.

What Do the Hellcats Look Like?

Chief Smith says the CRU officers are now back in action as of Monday. The Chief says these officers will be ready to respond to any neighborhoods that are seeing a spike in crime. He is optimistic this team will help make an impact on crime in many of our communities.

Highest Paid Police Officers in Shreveport

With the recent 13% increase, several Shreveport police officers now make more than $80,000 a year. Here's the list.

Largest Shreveport City Salaries After 2022 Pay Raises

Earlier this year, Shreveport employees received a 13% pay increase across the board. This salary information was provided by the City of Shreveport after a Public Records Request, and reflect salaries after those raises started. We will list the City Department, and Position, exactly as they are described by the City of Shreveport in the Public Records Request.


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