I'm really sad to report this to you. But I have impulse control issues.  Robert has always said "you want what you want when you want it."  I am beginning to believe Robert is right. More and more these days I am acting on impulse without thinking about the repercussions or the impact my actions will have on others.


This happened in a big way Tuesday night. I left one of the casinos downtown at about 9:30. I was hungry and thought I'd stop by a local Subway on my way. Subway is my favorite spot to get a great sandwich.  The BMT is my go to. So I had my heart set on getting one of these to take home.

I pull up to the business at about 9:42 (not that I was watching the clock). It looked a little dark inside, but I saw an employee cleaning. So I get out of my car and go up to the door to go in. It is locked.  I knock on the glass and the youngster doesn't look up. I knock again and again he doesn't look up. Then another comes from the back and glances at me and pulls out his phone to obviously look at the time.  I point to the door which clearly says the business is open until 10pm.

They are not coming to the door. I'm not getting my BMT.  This is when my impulse control goes south. I get back in my car and think about who I could call to complain. And it hit me. Former Congressman John Fleming owns many of the Subway franchises in the Arklatex. Should I text him at 9:50pm? He's in Washington DC where it's an hour later. It's closing in on 11pm there. Should I text him or not? My brain tells me to wait until morning, but my impulses kicked in and I sent him a text.

I really feel bad about sending that text. I'm bothering a former Congressman who now serves in the Trump administration because I can't get my sandwich when I want it. What was I thinking.  Fleming was very sweet and told me this should not have happened and he will get the local folks to check it out to find out what happened.

Did I go too far? I think so and I am really sorry for texting the Congressman so late at night.

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