Political analyst and attorney Royal Alexander talks about the chances of success for President Trump's recount challenge and whether a weekend ruling by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito bodes well for the President's chances.

Alito issued a temporary order requiring Pennsylvania officials to separate all ballots received after 8pm on election day.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party requested the order, claiming that a number of ballots were not delivered late, but failed to have postmarks or voter and witness signatures, all required by Pennsylvania statute.

"I not only think there are issues in Pennsylvania, I think there are issues in several other states, as well," Alexander begins, making reference to most news networks declaring Biden the winner. "It's not going to be over til the courts say it's over...and I don't think some of this can be unwound. In other words, one of the things Alito wrote was that the Secretary of the Commonwealth could not assure the Supreme Court that his order that these ballots be segregated had been followed"

Alexander explains that, in that case, Pennsylvania may have no case at all. "So, if it ends up being one big pile of ballots and there's no way to tell which ones arrived when, there's no way the Court can look at ballots and a recount wouldn't fix it. My feeling is, if they can't fix it by throwing out the (questionable) ballots, it may end up going to the House of Representatives after December 14."

The Trump campaign and supporting GOP groups have filed a number of lawsuits in in different states over disputed ballots and the validity of court extended deadlines.

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