A father wants to shine a spotlight one judicial problems in Caddo Parish. Mel King is the father of Heather Jose who was murdered on November 8, 2018. Heather and her husband, Kelly Jose were allegedly killed by Dewayne Watkins who is suspected of stalking them while they were in Mall St. Vincent with their children.

Watkins approached them outside asking to use a phone. Heather let him use her phone. She also agreed to give him a ride to another location. Their children got in another car to go home, not knowing that would be the last time they would see their parents alive. Watkins allegedly shot Kelly and then forced Heather to drive to an ATM to unload her bank.

King describes his disappointment in how this case has been handled by the Caddo Parish District Attorney's Office.


Shortly after these brutal murders happened, Caddo District Attorney James Stewart announced he would seek the death penalty against Watkins who is a career criminal. But Stewart has apparently changed his mind and King says he and Heather's family want answers. But Stewart tells KEEL News the family of Kelly Jose does not want him to pursue the death penalty in this case. He says no matter what he does in this case, one family was not going to be happy.

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Mel King says Watkins has a lengthy criminal history and he should never have been allowed back on our streets to commit this horrendous and brutal crime. But King says this is a death penalty case and he continues to urge the D.A. to reconsider his decision.

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