Morgan Lamandre, Legal Director of Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response in Baton Rouge, talks about accusations of sexual misconduct against members of the LSU football squad.

STAR, as Lamandre explains, "Is a sexual assault center that provides advocacy, counseling and legal services to sexual assault survivors and all of our services are completely free and confidential."

And in response to stories that LSU had turned a deaf ear to sexual assault claims against members of its football team, Lemandre responds, "Obviously, when we see things that trouble us, we definitely give notice those problematic things. Three years ago we sent then-LSU President King Alexander, the former Athletic Director (Joe Alleva), as well as Coach Orgeron a letter outlining some things that we were observing and thought that they should look into."

And Lamandre then emphasizes that her group's concerns don't stop with Orgeron and the team. "I think, overall, as a sexual assault organization we see a culture of tolerance toward those that perpetrate sexual violence if they have value to institutions. I'm not trying to let them off the hook, but  lot of people are focusing on LSU football (right now), but it's not just the football team, but it's the institution. and maybe not taking sexual assault allegations as seriously, or even if they do, the consequences for those responsible, they don't necessarily take that as seriously,"


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