Strange morning accidents in the area.  One wreck in Bossier City generated a lot of phone calls.  It happened on I-20 W near Industrial Drive.  Bossier City police say 22-year-old Karl Cockrell, II, of Haughton was driving his motorcycle very fast, weaving in and out of traffic.  One of the people he passed was a state trooper, who saw Cockrell lose control of his bike and wreck.  According to the trooper, Cockrell tried to get back on his bike and ride off, and the trooper had to draw his gun on the man.  Cockrell er was uninjured, but he was booked for reckless operation.

A later wreck happened at Old Mooringsport and Hwy 1 in Caddo Parish.  No word on extent of injuries, but one of the people involved had a chihuahua puppy in the car.  After the wreck, the puppy got scared and ran off.  If you happen to find it, please bring it to one of the area fire stations so it and the owner can be reunited.