DeSoto Parish teachers head back to the classrooms tomorrow, and the kids go back next Monday. How's everything going? Schools Superintendent Cade Brumley says they're "ready like Freddy." But he says there have been some obstacles the district has had to overcome, mostly in relation to a tremendous decline in local revenue from a downturn in the Haynesville Shale activity.

"We had projected a $12.6-million deficit, but we took action and built a plan to overcome that," Dr. Brumley says. "We're on solid footing moving into the school year."

Dr. Brumley held an in-service meeting with school bus drivers today, and they're making final preparations for their year. Teachers are also readying themselves across the district. "We're just looking forward to those students showing up on Monday, and those school bells ringing, and doing what we have to do to provide a great education for kids," he says.

Because DeSoto has the earliest school start in the region, some parents may have concerns about heat and school buses. But Brumley tells us all of the district's buses are air conditioned. There are also measures in place for outdoor activities, to make sure the kids stay hydrated and don't spend too much time outside. This carries over into extracurricular activities, as well.

He discussed the closure of Pelican All Saints, too. He says it's certainly not something he wanted to do, or enjoyed doing. He calls it a "bittersweet issue." But the enrollment was low, and the district wasn't able to provide students there the same opportunities other kids in the district had. "I'm most excited about those students and their transitions into their new schools," Brumley says. "I think that once the school year gets going, they're going to be involved in some positive activities that they have not had the opportunity to be a part of in the past. It's gonna be a good year for those students."

That closure does mean increased enrollment at the other area schools. But Brumley says there are expansions in the works to remedy that problem.

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