Business owner and former State Senator Conrad Appel talks about what he anticipates in terms of increased taxes and regulation during a Democrat run Washington DC.

The New Orleans native expresses concern as he anticipates a great deal of anti-business orders and regulations from President Biden and an extreme left-leaning Congress.

Everyone knows that I am a businessman, having been one for nearly fifty years. And like businesspeople all over America the Georgia election results have me doing a lot of soul searching," Appel begins, "The effect of all of this on businesspeople such as myself has direct and threatening impact on millions and millions of American citizens."

He also makes the point that Barack Obama, compared to this Democrat controlled House and Senate are, is a moderate. "I expect substantially higher taxes and massive regulations, Appel continues, "Perhaps crushing cost increases under the New Green Deal seems more than a possibility. But it is not the costs to my business that concerns me, it is the ability of the American people, my clients, those that ultimately will have to foot the bill, to pay for what Chuck Schumer called 'a changed America.'"

And he says that the leftist Dems don't seem to understand the effect their policies will have on businesses all over the US. "It really does not matter how much the Democrats tax me and my business to redistribute wealth to their base. (But) it matters whether my clients can afford in the future to pay them and have enough left over to hire me. So, if they cannot afford to pay for all the folly, then my business declines or goes away, and my employees end up on the government welfare system."

So, what's the future for American businesses and the economy? Appel predicts that Democrats will continue to print money to pay for all their programs and entitlements that Americans cannot. "As a businessperson, in the short term, I believe that the Democrats phony economy will support all the folly that they will impose. The problem lies in the future, in my children’s time our great nation will reap the whirlwind of what we are about to see unleashed by a Progressive and Socialist Congress."


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