SHREVEPORT, LA – There are now 58 inmates on death row in Louisiana. Most of those prisoners were convicted of murders in the metro areas across the state, but there are several from rural areas.

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KEEL News recently did a check of the list of death row inmates and we were surprised to learn which parish has the most inmates on death row. 25 parishes have sent convicts to death row. 14 parishes, including Bossier and Natchitoches, have only one person on the list.

Check our list below to see which parishes have the most inmates on death row.

Ascension, St. John the Baptist, & St. James: 1 Inmate

Daniel Blank is listed in 3 parishes because he was convicted of killing people in each of those parishes. His victims are Lillian Phillippe of Gonzales, Victor Rossi, Barbara Bourgeois, Sam Arcuri, Louella Arcuri and Joan Brock.

Assumption: 1 Inmate:

James Dunn was convicted in the murder of two bank workers Lisa Dupuis and Jacqueline Blanchard in Napoleonville.

Bossier: 1 Inmate:

Jeremiah Manning is on death row for the 2000 murder of Mary Malone from Plain Dealing.

East Feliciana: 1 Inmate

Gregory Brown was sentenced to death for the 1998 murders of William and Ann Gay.

Livingston: 1 Inmate:

James Copeland faces death for the rape and murder of 11-year-old Joseph Cook Owen.

Morehouse: 1 Inmate

Lee Roy Odenbaugh killed his wife Sondra Porter Odenbaugh and her mother Jessie Mae Porter in 2006.

Natchitoches: 1 Inmate

Tracy Lee A soldier from Fort Polk broke into a home and killed 15-year-old Rohn Blackston. Lee was also convicted of sexually assaulted the victim’s sister and mother.

St. Martin: 1 Inmate

Scott Bourque murdered Charlotte Perry on April 15, 1990. Her mother was also seriously injured.

St. James: 1 Inmate

Glynn Juniors is awaiting death for the 1997 murder of Butch Robinson during a business robbery in Convent.

St. John: 1 Inmate

Kyle Joekel was convicted of killing 2 St. John Deputies Jeremy Triche and Brandon Nelson in 2012.

St. Mary: 1 Inmate

Donald Leger is on death for the 2001 murder of Troy Salone.

Webster: 1 Inmate

Donald Wright was convicted of killing his girlfriend’s 6-year-old child Heather White in 1999. The child died from severe abuse.

West Baton Rouge: 1 Inmate

Michael Garcia - Convicted of murdering Michael Millican near a Port Allen gas station in 2006. Millican and his girlfriend were robbed of $30; he was badly beaten with a log and beer bottle, and then stabbed to death. His girlfriend was brutally and repeatedly raped.

West Carroll: 1 Inmate

Sedwric Clark faces death for the 2000 murder of 68-year-old Bertha Anderson and 8-year-old Mariah Barnes.


Calcasieu: 2 Inmates:

Kevin Daigle was convicted of killing Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent in 2015.

Jason Reeves is locked up for the rape and murder of 4-year-old Mary Jean Thigpen in 2001.

Rapides: 2 Inmates:

Larry Roy stabbed and killed Freddie Richard Junior, and her elderly aunt, Rosetta Silas in Cheneyville in 1994.

Darrell Robinson was convicted of killing four people who let him stay with them while he worked on their far.

St. Tammany: 2 Inmates

Jessie Hoffman faces death for the 1996 murder of 28-year-old Mary “Molly” Elliot who was an ad executive kidnapped as she left work.

Jesse Montejo was convicted of killing 61-year-old Louis Ferrari in 2002.

West Feliciana: 2 Inmates

David Brown was convicted of killing Angola guard Captain David Knapps in 1999 during an escape attempt.

Jeffrey Clark was convicted of killing Angola guard Captain David Knapps in 1999 during an escape attempt. He was also convicted in the first-degree murder of Andrew Cheswick at Studebaker’s in Baton Rouge.


DeSoto: 3 Inmates

Brian Horn convicted in the 2010 killing of 12-year-old Justin Bloxom of Stonewall.

Christopher Sepulvado convicted in the 1992 beating and scalding death of his 6-year-old stepson, Wesley Allen Mercer.

Michael Taylor convicted of the 1999 murder of Chester Howell, a salesman at a car dealership.

Orleans: 3 Inmates

Clifford Deruise is on death row for the 1995 killings of 20-year-old Gary Booker and 11-month-old Etienne NaChampassak in New Orleans.

Antoinette Frank was a New Orleans cop convicted of killing her partner Ronald Williams, and Ha Vu and Cuong Vu at a New Orleans East restaurant.

Clarence Harris Jr. - Convicted of first-degree murder for the 1993 killing of Katie Carlin. He tried to abduct her while she was walking with her 11-year-old daughter in New Orleans. Carlin tried running away but was shot. Harris then took her daughter back to his apartment, where he raped her, then eventually brought her back to her neighborhood where she ran home.

Ouachita: 3 Inmates

Jimmie Duncan killed toddler Chaley Oliveaux. The 23-month-old child was also sexually assaulted.

Winthrop Eaton was convicted of killing pastor Lea Joyner in 1985.

Willie Tart faces death for the 1989 deaths of jewelry store owners William Quenan and Lillian Quenan in their Bastrop home.


Death Row at Angola State Penetentiary

Jefferson: 4 inmates:

Julius Lucky is on death row for the 1994 murder of Leatitia Fagot.

Jarrell Neal killed Fergus Robinson and Greg Vickers in 1998.

Manuel Ortiz was convicted in the 1992 murders of his wife, Tracie Williams Ortiz, and her friend Cheryl Mallory in Kenner.

Emmett Taylor faces death for the 1997 murder of 77-year-old Marie Toscano during a robbery at a pharmacy. 


East Baton Rouge: 10 Inmates

Anthony Bell was convicted of killing five people at a church in 2006. The victims were identified as 78-year-old Leonard Howard, 72-year-old Gloria Howard, 67-year-old Dolores McGrew, 47-year-old Darlene Selvage, and Bell’s wife, 24-year-old Erica Bell.

David Bowie is on death row for the 1996 murder of John Smith.

Quincy Broaden faces death for the 1996 murders of Edward Black and Allan Rutledge in a dispute over money.

Henry Broadway is locked up for the 1993 murder of Baton Rouge Police Officer Cpl. Betty Smothers.

Frank Ford Cosey is on death row for the 1990 rape and murder of 12-year-old Delky Nelson.

Dacarius Holliday was convicted of beating 2-year-old Darian Coon to death in 200on May 14, 2007, in Baton Rouge.

Robert Miller killed his 67 year old landlord in 1997.

Allen Robertson in 1991, he killed an elderly Baton Rouge couple, Morris and Kazuko Presetenback.

Antoine Tate killed Chonner Jackson, Joseph Billie, and Sylvester Rowe in Baton Rouge in 1997.

Todd Wessinger killed two coworkers in 1995. The victims are Stephanie Guzzardo and David Breakwell.

Texas death chamber in Huntsville
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Caddo: 13 Inmates

LaDerick Campbell killed 51-year-old Kathy Parker in 2002, during a holdup at the Magnolia Club in Rodessa.

Nathaniel Code is on death row for killing 4 people during a violent attack in Cedar Grove in 1985. Vivian Culbert Chaney, Jerry Culbert, Chaney’s 15-year-old daughter, Carlitha, and Vivian Chaney’s boyfriend Billy Joe Harris were all killed in this brutal attack.

Michael Cooks is on death row for the 1995 murder of Joe Frazier during a robbery.

Percy Davis was convicted of killing Mark Sanchez and Calvin Moore at the Fat;s Exxon on North Market in 1990.

Curtis Deal faces death for killing his 2-month-old son Joshua in 1996.

Felton Dorsey is on death row for the 2006 murder of retired firefighter Joe Prock during a home invasion in Greenwood.

Darrell Draughn killed his neighbor 64-year-old Lauretta White in 2000.

Cedric Edwards was locked up for the 1995 murder of Victoria Catanese Kennedy during a home invasion.

Bobby Hampton faces the death penalty for the 1995 murder of Philip Russell Coleman who worked at a liquor store when it was held up at closing time.

Daniel Irish was convicted in the 1996 murder of his landlord, Russ Rowland.

Marcus Reed faces the death penalty for killing Jarquis, Jeremiah, and Eugene Adams back in 2010 after a dispute over a stolen X Box.

Lamondre Tucker killed his pregnant girlfriend Tavia Sills in 2008.

James Tyler robbed the Pizza Hut on Greenwood Road in 1995. He forced 3 employees into the cooler and shot each of them in the head. Jock Efferson died from his wound. The other employees were able to identify him.

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