In what has to be disappointing news for the dealership and prospective customers, the Southwestern Alabama car dealership that was offering a brand new American Flag, Holy Bible, and 12-gauge pump shotgun (ammo not included) has had the plug pulled on their promotion by the Ford Motor Company.

After a massive response, and an accompanying uptick in sales - Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan told the owners at Chatom Ford to cease and desist the promotion at once.  According to the report from FOX 10 , the corporate heads didn't exactly appreciate the dealership equating new Fords with shotguns.

In response, show-runners have at Chatom have reportedly done exactly what they've been told - kind of.  They will, through the end of July, still offer to a brand new American flag, a beautiful new bible, and a gift card for $200 that you could use anywhere with the purchase of a vehicle.  Even to buy a shotgun.

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