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Losing your dog is one of the worst feeling in the world.  A lot of times, your best friend will come back after a wild adventure covered in dirt, sticker-burrs, and God-knows what else - but sometimes, they never come back.  Unfortunately, the biggest day of the year for doggie-runaways is right around the corner.

Our nation's birthday is coming up next weekend, and we like to celebrate in the loudest way we legally can!  That means stands selling every 12-year-old kid's dream-come-true are popping up across the Shreveport - Bossier City area as you read this.  It's a safe bet that you'll start hearing the pops, whizzes, and bangs associated with our celebration-grade explosives in the next few days.  While we may love to "ooooooh" and "aaaahhhhh" at the pretty fireworks, most of the dogs in our area are not "big fans."

According to a report from KTBS, one of the best ways to keep your precious pup from getting totally freaked out by the Independence Day celebrations is to make sure they are in an escape-proof room or crate when the fireworks get popping.  That may sound cruel to lock them up, but it's to keep them from bolting.  That could lead to them getting lost, getting picked up by Animal Services, or worse.  Experts suggest getting a good, long walk and/or play session in earlier in the day to help wear them out for an early bed time could help as well.

Unfortunately, even with the best preparation your dog might still escape.  That's why it's good to plan for the best options if they do run off.  Make sure that your pup has all of their shots, an easy to see collar with updated information on the tag, and is microchipped by your veterinarian.

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