SHREVEPORT, LA – Malls are a thing of the past in many cities across the United States. When was the last time you visited a mall to do a little shopping? Most folks would probably say it’s been months or even years since you spent time in a local mall.

Malls are dying out all across the country. We still have a couple of malls open in Shreveport and Bossier. But they are not the same as the glory days of years gone by. Pierre Bossier Mall and Mall St. Vincent face struggles every day to attract customers.

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Shopping malls were booming back in the 80’s and even into the 90’s. But things changed. People began to flock to the big box stores and shopping habits changed. But could malls make a comeback? A recent survey says nearly 2 in 3 (61%) Americans want to see a revival of traditional shopping malls.

This study says:

Gen Z and Gen X wish malls would have a revival the most, followed by Millennials and Baby Boomers. Because of this sentiment, it’s not surprising half of Americans miss going to the mall.



What Is Killing Malls?

  1. Online shopping
  2. Poor management
  3. Competing shopping centers
  4. The COVID-19 pandemic

Here's the List of Some of the Dead Malls in Louisiana:

South Park Mall

Opened: 1974
Closed: 2001
It was converted to become the home of Summer Grove Baptist Church.

Corporate Mall

Opened: 1973
Closed:  Mostly home to restaurants.
Baton Rouge

Bon Marche Mall

Opened: 1960 (as an open air shopping center); 1974 (as an enclosed mall)
Closed: 1998
Now used as a business center
Baton Rouge

Cortana Mall

Opened: 1976
Closed: 2019
Is now being rebuilt as an Amazon Fulfillment Center
Baton Rouge

Clearview Center

Opened: 1969

New Orleans Centre

Opened: 1988
Closed: 2005 (flooded in Hurricane Katrina and closed.)
New Orleans

Belle Promenade 

Opened: 1983
Closed: 1999

Lake Forest Plaza

Opened: 1974
Closed: 2005 (was already a dead  mall but was totally ruined  in Hurricane Katrina)
New Orleans

The Plaza at Lake Forest

Opened 1974
Closed before being flooded during Katrina in 2005. The ruins were demolished in 2007.
New Orleans East

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