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Have you visited Shreveport's Mall St. Vincent recently? If it's been a hot minute, you might be shocked by what you would find.

The outside of the mall looks vibrant honestly. When you pull into the parking lot, you might see rows of cars in parking spots, folks walking on the sidewalks, and even cars charging at the Tesla charging stations. From the outside, the mall may look alive.

But once you enter the doors, you notice a huge difference. The people you may see outside suddenly seem to be hiding inside the mall. Not just that they're shopping in the stores, but it feels like they're hiding. Looking up and down the aisles, you can see nearly end to end without another person.

Which is probably why there are a lot of empty storefronts in there. Or, is this a chicken-before-the-egg thing? Are the stores gone because the people are gone, or are the people gone because the stores are gone? Either way, there are a lot of darkened retail locations inside the building.

This has actually become a big online trend. Dead Mall Enthusiasts have large groups on social media platforms devoted to malls that have either closed completely, or are on the verge of being shutdown. Fans of these locations post piles of pictures online of these empty malls. They travel miles to find them, explore them, and share their findings with other enthusiasts online.

Shreveport's Mall St. Vincent would probably excited these enthusiasts. Check out some of the empty stores inside the mall we found today:

Empty Storefronts In Mall St. Vincent

Here are some of the empty stores inside Shreveport's Mall St. Vincent

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